Meet Isaac

Hello! My name is Isaac Kerry. I am a stay-at-home dad, author, and firefighter. I am thrilled to be running for the Eden Prairie School Board.

My wife and I moved to Eden Prairie with our two daughters in 2019. We couldn’t be happier with the community and especially the schools. This year our girls will be in first and fourth grade.

I have always been drawn to public service. I attended graduate school and earned a master’s degree in Urban Studies with the intention of serving in local government. As they are wont to do, children caused those plans to shift. Being a stay-at-home dad these past nine years has no doubt been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but also by far the most rewarding.

When we moved to Eden Prairie, I knew I wanted to do find a way to help make our community a better place. While it was never something I imagined for myself, the opportunity to serve on the Eden Prairie Fire Department has truly been one of the best experiences of my life. However, rather than sating my desire for public service, it only made me interested in finding additional ways to contribute.

I am now running for a seat on the Eden Prairie School Board. I want to use my time, talents, and passion for education to help make our schools the best they can be. I would deeply appreciate your support this November.

So please, find out more about why I’m running, explore my platform, see my endorsements, and let me know what issues are most important to you!